WELCOME BACK… ‘Learn to Swim’ Programme

Swimwear, goggles and hats at the ready…we are almost there! The ‘Learn to Swim’ Programme will return to Kingsway Leisure Centre on Monday 19th April – we are really excited to welcome you back to the pool!

A number of changes have had to be made to allow for social distancing within the changing areas, within the swimming pool and for cleaning/sanitisation between sessions. This does mean the ‘customer journey’ will look a little different when you return. We have developed a step-by-step guide, so all customers have a clear understanding of what to expect. The guide gives further details on entry/exit to the building, whether changing facilities are available and the measures in place to ensure the safety of both staff and customers. Please read the guidelines in full before attending your lesson.

The step-by-step guide for SMALL POOL (ducklings / stages 1-3) can be found here – https://kingsway.activehalton.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/KLC-LEARN-TO-SWIM-GUIDE-SP.pdf

The step-by-step guide for MAIN POOL (stages 4-7 / Swim Academy) can be found here – https://kingsway.activehalton.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/KLC-LEARN-TO-SWIM-GUIDE-MP.pdf

Due to operating at a reduced capacity, the difficult decision was made to offer spaces to those with a LIVE membership in the first instance – once we know what spaces we have available, we can offer these out to pre-existing members. At Active Halton, we are committed to ensuring children/young people have the opportunity to learn to swim, we are therefore doing all we can to ensure the booking process is fair and those who want to return are able to as soon as possible. Further updates on bookings will be shared soon. 

Frequently asked questions…

Who can spectate?

1 adult and 1 child (under the age of 16) can accompany a swimmer. All spectators must remain in their seat and children must be supervised at all times. Please note – only 1 seat is available per spectator ‘group’ on small pool (in the case of accompanying children).

What if my child needs the toilet?

Please encourage your child to use the toilet before their swimming lesson. If your child does need the toilet, the Swimming Instructor will call a member of staff to poolside (Leisure Attendant/Duty Manager), who will open the doors to the disabled/family changing rooms. If the changing rooms are not available, you will be directed to an alternative toilet.

What if we arrive late?

SMALL POOL – please notify the reception team and a member of staff will open the door to poolside.

MAIN POOL – the swimmer and their parent/carer are to enter the building via the main entrance doors. The swimmer is to be escorted onto poolside by a parent/carer. When the swimmer is under the direct supervision of the Swimming Instructor, a parent/carer can exit poolside via the changing rooms and make their way up to the main pool spectator balcony.

What if I have two children in back to back lessons?

SMALL POOL – A sibling can accompany an adult on poolside as a spectator. The swimmer will wait on poolside under the supervision of a Swimming Instructor, whilst a parent/carer escorts the other child who has just completed their lesson into the changing rooms. We ask that you return to poolside (via the disabled/family toilet) as soon as possible.

MAIN POOL – At the main pool collection point, the Swimming Instructor will escort the other child whose lesson is about to begin to the teaching station.

What if I have two children in back to back lessons, but one lesson is in the main pool and the other in the small pool?

If the small pool lesson is first, all swimmers (with their parent/carer) will wait in the small pool/reception foyer area. After the small pool lesson ends, the parent/carer will escort the child whose lesson is in the main pool onto poolside then the child whose lesson has just ended will change in the main pool changing rooms. The parent/carer can then collect the child from the main pool collection point at the end of the lesson.

If the main pool lesson is first, the parent/carer will drop the child whose lesson is in the main pool off at the drop off point (main pool fire doors) as normal. At the end of this lesson, the parent/carer will collect the child from the main pool collection point and proceed onto small pool via the double doors on poolside. All children (once the small pool lessons has ended) can then change in the main pool changing rooms. This is to avoid overcrowding in the disabled/family changing

What if I have two children with a lesson at the same time, one in the small pool and one in the main pool?

In this scenario, all swimmers will wait in the small pool/reception foyer area. All swimmers will enter small pool and remove their item(s) of clothing. Once the child whose lesson is in the small pool is under the supervision of the Swimming Instructor, the parent/carer can escort the other child onto main pool and then return to the small pool to spectate. At the end of the lesson, the parent/carer and the child whose lesson was in the small pool will collect the other child from the main pool collection point and all will change in the wet changing rooms. This is to avoid overcrowding in the disabled/family changing area.

Direct Debits

LIVE members with a confirmed space on the ‘Learn to Swim’ Programme – 50% of the monthly membership payment will be taken on 4th May (or just after). This means that there will be no charge for the month of April, if you paid your direct debit (DD) when we closed in March.

  • All customers with a LIVE membership on Friday 16th April will be added to the May DD run.
  • Swim Academy – with the 50% discount, May’s DD amount will be £14.00
  • From June, the DD will be back to the full rate and the collection process will continue on a month by month basis, as per our Terms and Conditions
  • If you wish to cancel your membership, please submit your request in writing and cancel the DD instruction with your bank.

If you have any further questions,

please call Kingsway Leisure Centre on 0151 495 2200.

Thank you